Our mission is to create custom software solutions that are a perfect fit – so ingrained, you’ll actually forget we’re there.

At Composable Systems, we’re about more than just “technology” or “business software solutions.” We are your partner. We make the technical aspects of your business flawless so you can focus on what’s most important: your business.

Distinctive technology, when brilliantly executed, doesn’t impede progress. It fuels progress.

We identify opportunities to improve your workflow, provide better business intelligence, and keep your mobile workforce well-connected. Then we translate those ideas into solid, stable technologies that create measurable results.

Business Intelligence

From Our Blog

  • What We Look For in a Software Developer Resume

    We’ve written before about what we look for in a candidate. Today I’m sharing what we look for in a resume/application/tweet requesting an interview for a software developer position. Many thanks to Jason Clark of Via Studio for pushing me to write this. Check out his list of what he looks for in design candidates.
  • Big Data Solving Real World Problems

    Forbes recently published a brilliant article about all the ways that data are helping to solve real world problems. The article addresses everything from the public safety system that used data analysis to reduce crime by over 30 percent in Memphis to the Slam Tracker that the USTA created so that fans could see what their favorite player needed
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