If you weren’t already aware, today is Pi Day (March 14, or 3.14). To celebrate, we thought we’d scour the internet for the latest and greatest Raspberry Pi projects. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Music Streamer

Looking for a basic Pi project that you can have up and running in under an hour? Look no further. With this music streamer tutorial, you’ll be able to control the music from your phone, tablet, or computer. A Chromecast Audio-like speaker, this is certain to be a fun afternoon project.

Wooden Chess Board with Piece Recognition

Designed for more intermediate techies, this project uses a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino to make a game of chess more technologically advanced. It’s able to recognize piece positions and can signal every move with the flash of an LED on each square.

Windows 98 Wristwatch

Do you have a soft spot for Windows 98? So does Michael Darby. Darby provides full instructions on how to make your very own Windows 98 Wristwatch – we can’t call it a smart watch, for obvious reasons. It’s an easy build that takes about four hours, so you’ll still have plenty of time to eat pie on Pi Day.

Tough Pi-ano

Kids are tough on toys, so why not make an instrument more rugged to stand the tests of time? Brian ’24 Hour Engineer’ McEvoy created the Tough Pi-ano for children with learning and developmental disabilities but children anywhere on the spectrum could find hours of enjoyment with this musical creation.

Raspberry Pi Color Detector

Using Python code and a TCS3200 sensor, you can code this color detector to give you the RGB values of any object you put in front of the sensor. It may not be super useful but it’s certainly amusing.

Raspberry Pi-Controlled Robotic Arm

MeArm Pi, a Kickstarter project, allows you to build your own robotic arm controlled by two small joysticks. The company also crafted a block coding web app to make programming easy for those with minimal coding experience. Though it won’t be released until July, at only $75, this robotic arm kit can make you feel like a kid again.

Make a PIR Speaker System

If your office doesn’t have a welcome music system triggered by a motion-sensor, you’re missing out. This Raspberry Pi project gives step-by-step instructions to take your boring lobby to an IoT Smart Lobby.

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