Earlier this year Composable Systems was named a Best Place to Work in Kentucky. Last week we were dubbed one of the Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville. We’re honored to be named among so many other fine companies and organizations. In my personal experience, I’ve been asked on a weekly basis what makes Composable so great. I know many of my coworkers are asked just as frequently. Since it’s such a common question, here are the top 20 reasons Composable is a fantastic place to work.

1. Canine friendly office

Allowing our employees to bring their pooches to the office reduces the overall level of stress in the company. Being able to take a five minute break to play some fetch or get some puppy kisses can make a huge difference in someone’s mood or mental clarity. This dog-friendly policy also means that dogs that would otherwise stay at home or in doggie daycares for long hours get more socialization and a chance to be acclimatized to new situations.

2. Full-sized kitchen

Nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal, so why not have that at the office? Many employees take advantage of our full-sized, fully stocked kitchen to whip up something healthy and tasty for lunch. Stir-fry is a common favorite, often incorporating veggies from the CSA baskets that some of our employees take part in.

3. Healthy snacks and a designated drink fridge

Everyone has been struck by hunger pangs during an afternoon meeting and we hope to stave those off by keeping healthy snacks such as trail mix, beef jerky, and popcorn around. We also have a fridge designated solely to frosty beverages such as soda, tea, sparkling juices, and water.

4. Flexible work schedule

Being able to work where you can, when you can, is a huge benefit to working for Composable. Employees can work from the office, home, or even the airport. One developer even worked remotely from California – for three whole months.

5. Profit sharing for technical staff

This benefit is self-explanatory, but, man, is it a great one.

6. Fifteen days of PTO

As far as PTO goes, let the team know and take off to the outlet mall, the trails, or Aruba. The destination is up to you.

7. 100% free health, dental, and vision insurance

We believe the best employees are healthy employees, which is why we pay 100% of insurance premiums for health, dental, and vision insurance.

8. Great facility and location

Nulu and Butchertown are becoming more lively by the week. Between sweet little shops and divine dining, the area has just about everything.

9. 401k match

Put away money for later and the company will match it, up to 4% of salary. It’s safe to say, this is a no-brainer.

10. Collaborative hiring process

Every technical interview involves several current Composable developers, each of which gets a say in the final hiring process. This keeps us from creating a “group think” environment, and instead facilitates discussion and allows those involved in the hiring process to voice their opinions.

11. Free training

Every employee at Composable has access to unlimited online training resources, making it easy to learn new skills or brush up on old ones.

12. Informal team lunches

Being in Nulu, just about everything is within walking distance (and when it’s not, the Zero Bus is just a block away). Many teams have formed informal lunch groups that go out to eat once or twice a week to get out of the office, get a walk in, and get some great food. We’re all coworkers here, but we’re also friends.

13. Walking meetings

Siting at your desk all day isn’t ideal, which is why we sometimes take our meetings to-go. Have a 30 minute afternoon meeting or call? Two laps around Nulu and you’ll have been productive and come back feeling refreshed.

14. Individualized holiday gifts

We believe small actions go a long way, which is why we’ve started giving employees personalized holiday gifts. In the past, office crafters have received yarn and crafty tote bags while the tea obsessed receive specialty loose leaf teas and mugs.

15. Sit-stand desks

This really falls under the “work when you want, where you want, how you want” mentality that we have. It’s nice to be able to get up and move a bit, especially if you just can’t get out of the office one day.

16. Bike share

Can you tell Composable really likes getting employees up and moving? Bike to lunch or to a meeting and get that heart rate pumping.

17. Discounted seasonal CSA baskets

This is one of our most recently added benefits and certainly one of the best. To each individual interested, Composable will pay $150 towards a CSA basket harvested and delivered by Garey Farms.

18. Career development events

Conferences, workshops, and meetup groups are key to broadening your perspective and exploring new topics and ideas. Composable also sponsors two local meetup groups: Louisville SharePoint Users Group and Louisville Microsoft Users Group.

19. Bonuses for high-level certifications

Composable rewards hard work (and pays the certification fees on your first attempt).

20. We’re like family.

When everyone feels like family, employees are excited to come to work in the morning. At Composable, we share laughs, tears, and meals together. Basically, we do life together and we’re all the better for it.

There are plenty of other reasons why Composable Systems is a Best Place to Work in Greater Louisville, but you get the idea: Composable cares about people.

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