Composable Systems moved to 802 East Main Street in Nulu a year ago today and in those 365 days, a lot has changed. Here are a just a few of those changes.

1. Besides adding a few new employees, we also added a handful of friendly office canines. Office dogs significantly increase the happiness of all employees. The dogs also increase the need for a powerful vacuum, but we love them all the same.
2. Finally under one roof, we’ve realized just how much coffee the company consumes. Composable employees consume approximately 3lbs of coffee each week within the office. This does not include consumption of coffee brought from home or purchased at one of the three nearby coffee shops.
3. Composable’s previous office in Lyndon had 2 microwaves; the Nulu office has a full kitchen. Employees can now cook lunch without having to move their conference call. It also allows for plenty of culinary experiments and sharing of recipes among employees.
4. Composers might be spread out over two floors within the firehouse but that hasn’t affected socialization with coworkers. It’s actually made it that much easier to reach our daily step counts if you consider we take the stairs more often and walking meetings are a regular occurrence.
5. Before moving into the Nulu firehouse, Composers were scattered across town. Most worked in one of two disconnected office spaces and a handful primarily worked from home. Now, having all employees under one roof, it’s easy to see that we belong together. We are coworkers, we are friends, we are a team, and we do our best work when we’re side-by-side.


Composable has only been in Nulu for a year but we’ve been in business for 10. As the company celebrates a decade of happy clients and successful projects, Composable Systems wants to thank each client, partner, and friend that has made this possible. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Here’s to another 10 years.

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