Public facing websites are attacked nearly every day. Mostly, these attacks are by infected computer systems whose owners are completely oblivious to the situation. The infected computer systems autonomously scan the internet for unpatched systems. When found, they quickly join the ranks of the infected. Besides being compromised, some of the creators of these malicious […]

In the world of software development, there is a trend to rediscover old ways of doing things, so what’s old today might be the next new thing tomorrow. As technology improves, we shift how we write software to take advantage of those improvements. Once you read this brief (and somewhat incomplete) history of software development […]

How do you write software that works today but will survive the test of time? One answer is Micro Services and the Web API. Business processes haven’t changed much over the years, unlike software technologies that continually change. No one can guarantee that an application will run forever because technology keeps changing and operating systems […]