Everyone wants to do business with a “professional.” A professional is a person who has respect for others, knows their craft, and has self-respect. At Composable Systems, each member of our team is a professional software developer who is focused on the success of our clients. If we help you become more successful, we will be successful. […]

Last week, Composable Systems was named one of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky. I have to say, that feels pretty good. Composable Systems has long been cultivating a culture of flexibility, where employees do not feel tied to their desks. Working from home or around the beautiful city of Louisville, we’ve found that […]

The stereotype of a software developer is as old as the career itself. When you think of a software developer you likely think of someone sitting in a basement hacking away at a problem hoping to find the ever elusive eureka moment. If only it were so easy! The painful truth is that many lessons never have […]

SOLID principles will make your code more flexible. Yes, you read that correctly. Today we’re outlining those principles so that you can better integrate them into your code. History of SOLID Principles Robert C. Martin, commonly known as Uncle Bob, originally gathered these principles together and set them aside as the “first five principles” in […]

I’ve been watching a famous lecture series from MIT: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (or SICP, because that’s a mouthful). Recorded in 1986 the lessons are practically ancient artifacts in the land of tech. This got me thinking about the tech books I’ve read and the lessons I’ve watched. What makes them age well? And […]

In 2007, Jeremy Sublett and Bryan Phillips formed Composable Systems to develop high-quality custom software solutions. The company started in Jeremy’s kitchen, but fast forwarding to current day, our company has grown to the point that we doubled our office size last year. Not only did we have a robust expansion, we have also become […]