Composable Systems has won numerous awards and received a number of honors in our 11 years as a company. Of all of these, the ones that matter the most to us are those based on the opinions of our employees. For the second consecutive year, Composable Systems received the honor of being one of the Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville. We know our culture sets us apart, but we didn’t start out as the super awesome snack-filled wonder our employees see us as today. I caught up with some of our veteran developers to see how the company culture has changed for the better, and how we could still improve.

How has the company culture at Composable changed since you were first hired?
David: Culture is a bit less intimate since we’ve been growing and moved into the firehouse, and no longer packed in like sardines. We are, however, more organized.
Jason: When I was first hired it was just Bryan, Jeremy, and myself in one room with a desk that was at least half of the real estate of the room. We grew very close, and built a lot of respect, trust, teamwork, and friendship between us. In that sense, I would say the culture of Composable hasn’t changed much since I was first hired. As a company, I feel like we’ve maintained a culture based on the attributes I’ve already mentioned even as we grew to 10 times the size. The ratio of desk to floor space has changed a lot though. [Laughs.]
Phil: It’s more open and flexible for working arrangements. I appreciate being able to work from home routinely.
What could make Composable an even better place to work?
Jason: A private jet and a personal chef. In all seriousness, if I were actively looking for a job today I would be looking for a place like Composable Systems. There is a reason I’ve stuck around for 10 years.
David: I’m not sure what would make it better. I like it as it is.
What is your favorite thing about working at Composable?
David: The open environment in which we can discuss our work.
Jason: I like the freedom in knowing there is an expectation to do things right and with excellence, while knowing that everyone supports you in the process. I can’t think of a single person who isn’t supportive of their team and willing to help with any issue. I love that there is always a drive to learn and improve. But most of all, I appreciate the work/life balance. Leadership actually expects the team to not let workload have a negative impact on their personal lives, and for me personally, as well as from my observation, it works.
Phil: The PTO policy and insurance benefits. As a mid-career developer with a family, these mean a lot to me. The company also feels like a big family.
As we continue to grow in 2018, keep a close eye on our Careers page.

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