SharePoint in Higher Education


Higher Education

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Capabilities & Solutions
  • Custom SharePoint Development
  • Business Process Automation
  • SharePoint Configuration and Content Management

Bellarmine University heavily relies on their SharePoint environment for their student services. Due to growing industry requirements and the complexity of the existing SharePoint environment, Bellarmine decided to partner with Composable Systems to get an evaluation on the existing SharePoint farm. The university also wanted recommendations around server architecture and capabilities to position Bellarmine for future growth.


Bellarmine’s goal was to create a stable, robust SharePoint environment that provides a personalized experience for their students. They had to overcome several challenges to achieve this:

  • Audit the current SharePoint farm and remediate discovered issues.
  • Standardize their brand across the SharePoint farm.
  • Integrate SharePoint with their ERP.
Our Solutions

SharePoint Audit | During the SharePoint audit, we leveraged Google Analytics to give Bellarmine a deeper understanding of page views and page clicks throughout their SharePoint farm.

Branding | Providing style sheet guidance and SharePoint branding tips to create a standardized look and feel across all of their SharePoint sites greatly improved the university’s online presence.

Custom Integrations | Providing guidance on best practices for custom integrations with their existing ERP allowed Bellarmine to surface critical data in SharePoint.

Bottom Line

Composable Systems helped Bellarmine University to address every critical item on their SharePoint checklist. Through this growing partnership, Composable Systems and Bellarmine University continue to improve the overall SharePoint experience for the university community of students, prospective students, faculty, and staff.

Bellarmine University now views Composable Systems as a trusted partner for collaboration and strategic planning. This partnership has also led to an increase in awareness of new developments coming from Microsoft and SharePoint.