Microsoft FastTrack



Project Year

2014 — Present


Back in 2014, Microsoft had a small team of people dedicated to calling existing customers and coordinating the onboarding process for their current software licenses. Customers would sign up for 1000 licenses, yet only use 10. Wanting to increase user adoption, Microsoft needed a way to streamline this onboarding process.


The original customer management process was orchestrated with pen and paper. Pen and paper works for small firms but when a corporation works with hundreds of thousands of customers, something more robust is essential.

There were several challenges in crafting the perfect system. Microsoft was lacking the mighty customer management and onboarding tool it desperately needed, but it also lacked dynamic reporting capabilities.

Our initial prototype operated in SharePoint and managed about 10,000 individual customers, which provided the corporation with a strong test environment. Meanwhile, we worked behind the scenes to craft a unique platform that could tackle these challenges and manage a massive customer base.

Our Solutions

Customer-level Security | This security measure allowed Microsoft employees to only access their assigned customers while allowing for multiple roles per tenant.

Structured Guidance | We developed a wizard tool that captures the business logic so that the Microsoft employee is guided through the system step-by-step when onboarding customers. This wizard tool also makes the process repeatable and gives employees the capability to create new wizards with ease.

Time Tracking | In the new system, Microsoft has the capability to track how much time is spent with each customer and how much time is spent on each task.

Single-Customer View | This feature facilitates workflows among multiple Microsoft parties, ensuring the customer screen is displayed the same way to each customer liason.

Executive Reporting | Microsoft’s highest level executives now have dynamic reporting at the touch of their fingertips, allowing these key stakeholders to make top-of-mind business decisions.

Data Integration | Integration with other systems allows for better use of the data collected during the onboarding process. This data influences stakeholder decisions and new iterations of the onboarding platform.

Bottom Line

The customer management portal has allowed Microsoft to more efficiently onboard their customers. Having a single platform to facilitate the customer relationship has helped Microsoft employees prioritize their work and make the onboarding process more hands on.

Microsoft is dedicated to connecting users around the world to O365 tools. With an emphasis on a customized user experience and responsive UI, Microsoft is forging new paths in cloud-based systems.