Web applications are inherently insecure by default. Their decoupled nature means that transactions can’t be trusted. Most of the protocols on which the world wide web is built weren’t designed with security in mind. As web applications have become more essential to everyday computing life, the focus on security has become a primary focus for […]

Code PaLOUsa is self-described “software development madness.” Slated for June 7th-9th, Code PaLOUsa 2017 will host over 600 individuals  at a conference entirely dedicated to  software. The conference boasts over 100 speakers, covering topics from application development to soft skills. Code PaLOUsa has been at a variety of locations during its seven years in existence, this year […]

Even though web development and programming have been around for a long time now, mobile development is just hitting its stride in the last few years.  Most of us can remember how sparsely populated the app stores were in 2007.  Even then apps that were available were often clunky and underdeveloped.  Today, not even a […]

I’ve wanted to get into mobile development for a while now and I finally took the plunge for the Composable Mobile App Challenge. Every developer at Composable has been sorted and tasked with the creation of the best application. Only one team can claim victory so I did my research beforehand in hopes of bringing home […]

Microsoft announced in spring 2015 that it planned to integrate the R statistical platform into SQL Server 2016 and the entire development. As of June 1, this will allow users to access R functionality from within SQL Server in order to perform advanced statistical analysis and create complex data visualizations connected to traditional SQL databases. What is […]

Out of all the requirements gathered during the software development life cycle, business requirements seem to be overlooked. This is unfortunate but inevitable due to our human nature to rush perfection. We go into projects with a “get it done” attitude. This attitude tends to direct efforts towards the technical problem before understanding the context. A […]

SOLID principles will make your code more flexible. Yes, you read that correctly. Today we’re outlining those principles so that you can better integrate them into your code. History of SOLID Principles Robert C. Martin, commonly known as Uncle Bob, originally gathered these principles together and set them aside as the “first five principles” in […]

We specialize in custom software but not everyone we work with knows the difference between Agile and Waterfall, SQL and .NET. For those who don’t spend their days writing (or composing) code, understanding basic application layers can be difficult. Our crew had an idea and created a delicious analogy to help those outside of the software […]