Probability Welcome back to our series on what every developer should understand about statistics. In the last post, I went through important foundational statistics concepts, including measures of central tendency, variability, and distributions. In this part, we’re going to discuss an additional area of statistics that will be important in understanding inferential statistics: probability.  Proportions, Percentages, and Probability (Oh My)  True or false: if you roll a D20 […]

Descriptive Statistics and Distributions If you have a degree in computer science or a related field, you probably took an introductory statistics class at some point, and then promptly forgot everything except that it had something to do with p values and distributions. I’ve already written several posts for this blog on ways in which […]

Composable Systems moved to 802 East Main Street in Nulu a year ago today and in those 365 days, a lot has changed. Here are a just a few of those changes. 1. Besides adding a few new employees, we also added a handful of friendly office canines. Office dogs significantly increase the happiness of all employees. […]

Everyone wants to do business with a “professional.” A professional is a person who has respect for others, knows their craft, and has self-respect. At Composable Systems, each member of our team is a professional software developer who is focused on the success of our clients. If we help you become more successful, we will be successful. […]

While my role here at Composable is as a software developer, my previous career was as a statistician working in academic research. One of my responsibilities was to assist other researchers in designing their studies or in analyzing the results from studies they’d already performed. In this capacity, I saw many different data sets, ranging […]

Back in May of this year Microsoft announced another new and exciting way to create webparts in SharePoint Online and On Premise: SharePoint Developer Framework. This new methodology enables you to use client side development for building new experiences in SharePoint. The framework is still in developer Preview, but from my short time working with it I […]