CloudFit Software, the leader in Managed Digital Transformation and Cloud Services, announces that Joe Martin will assume the role of CEO, Sept 4. Joe is an established industry leader with two decades of hands-on Microsoft experience. He will lead the company through its growth phase as it adds enterprise customers, government agencies, and strategic partnerships […]

Everyone wants to do business with a “professional.” A professional is a person who has respect for others, knows their craft, and has self-respect. At Composable Systems, each member of our team is a professional software developer who is focused on the success of our clients. If we help you become more successful, we will be successful. […]

Code PaLOUsa is self-described “software development madness.” Slated for June 7th-9th, Code PaLOUsa 2017 will host over 600 individuals  at a conference entirely dedicated to  software. The conference boasts over 100 speakers, covering topics from application development to soft skills. Code PaLOUsa has been at a variety of locations during its seven years in existence, this year […]

In the world of software development, there is a trend to rediscover old ways of doing things, so what’s old today might be the next new thing tomorrow. As technology improves, we shift how we write software to take advantage of those improvements. Once you read this brief (and somewhat incomplete) history of software development […]

Last week, Composable Systems was named one of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky. I have to say, that feels pretty good. Composable Systems has long been cultivating a culture of flexibility, where employees do not feel tied to their desks. Working from home or around the beautiful city of Louisville, we’ve found that […]

How do you write software that works today but will survive the test of time? One answer is Micro Services and the Web API. Business processes haven’t changed much over the years, unlike software technologies that continually change. No one can guarantee that an application will run forever because technology keeps changing and operating systems […]

As Composable Systems nears the milestone of 10 years in business we’re excited to announce that we have earned our Microsoft Gold Partner certification. By becoming a Gold Application Development competency partner, Composable Systems is in the top 5% of companies in the Microsoft Partner Network. Our company was established in 2007 to create SharePoint solutions that were […]

While my role here at Composable is as a software developer, my previous career was as a statistician working in academic research. One of my responsibilities was to assist other researchers in designing their studies or in analyzing the results from studies they’d already performed. In this capacity, I saw many different data sets, ranging […]

We love each and every one of our employees which is why we also love to give them their fifteen minutes of Composable fame. Tyler Youngs has been a Composer for seven months now so I caught up with him to find out what he’s up to both in and out of the office.