Composable Systems is excited to announce that three of our employees are slated to speak at Code PaLOUsa 2018, a Louisville-based software development conference which runs from March 28 to March 30, 2018. If you’re planning to attend Code PaLOUsa, be sure to check out one of these Composer presented sessions. Code PaLOUsa 2018 Composable […]

Unpredictable weather unfortunately led to the cancellation of the January 2018 Louisville SharePoint Users Group meeting. January’s topic, The Power of One: How SharePoint Helps Make One Bellarmine a Reality, will hopefully be rescheduled to a later event date this year in coordination with Eric Satterly and Bellarmine University. Until then, we hope that you […]

Robert Bogue is slated to speak at Louisville SharePoint Users Group (LouSPUG) on Friday, October 13th, on the topic of Practical Information Architecture. Session Summary There will be no fancy words (that aren’t made fun of) and no complex mathematical models. In this session, you’ll learn to take content types, site columns, and navigation options […]

I recently spent two days at Code PaLOUsa, a local software development conference, featuring speakers both native and from across the nation. It was great getting to learn about a wide variety of topics from experts in their fields. Here’s a recap of some of the sessions I attended. TDD: A Pragmatic Approach by John […]

Code PaLOUsa is self-described “software development madness.” Slated for June 7th-9th, Code PaLOUsa 2017 will host over 600 individuals  at a conference entirely dedicated to  software. The conference boasts over 100 speakers, covering topics from application development to soft skills. Code PaLOUsa has been at a variety of locations during its seven years in existence, this year […]

Louisville SharePoint Users Group, founded in 2014, was recently reorganized in January of 2017. Since reorganizing, the group has gathered up to 50 individuals in the Louisville SharePoint community and averages 25 attendees per event. Thanks to John Morehouse, LouSPUG was connected with Daniel Glenn, a Nashville-based Microsoft MVP, who spoke at the group’s March meetup […]

Louisville SharePoint Users Group was founded in September 2014 to expand the Louisville SharePoint ecosystem and to open up communication among SharePoint developers, administrators, and users. Organization duties have changed hands a couple times over the past two years but Composable Systems is excited to have the honor of reorganizing this group. LouSPUG meetings will […]