I recently polled the office on what they considered to be “must read” reading material for people in the technology field. There were no restrictions. It could be humorous or completely educational. It could be an article or a physical book. It didn’t have to be published in 2018. It only had to be relevant […]

Still looking for the perfect tech gift this holiday season? We’ve rounded up some Amazon best sellers and Composable favorites that will please just about anyone. VR Headsets $35.99, 4.5 stars Canbor VR Headset If you want to invest in some VR technology without paying an arm and a leg, the Canbor VR Headset is […]

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good beer but I also enjoy making my own and I’m slowly making my home brew setup automatic. Currently I have an all-electric brew setup with a chugger pump, heating element for my boil, and a RIM Rocket for my mash. (RIM stands for Recirculating Immersion Mash). I hooked the heating element […]

In the world of software development, there is a trend to rediscover old ways of doing things, so what’s old today might be the next new thing tomorrow. As technology improves, we shift how we write software to take advantage of those improvements. Once you read this brief (and somewhat incomplete) history of software development […]