Earlier this year Composable Systems was named a Best Place to Work in Kentucky. Last week we were dubbed one of the Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville. We’re honored to be named among so many other fine companies and organizations. In my personal experience, I’ve been asked on a weekly basis what makes Composable […]

I’ve been watching a famous lecture series from MIT: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (or SICP, because that’s a mouthful). Recorded in 1986 the lessons are practically ancient artifacts in the land of tech. This got me thinking about the tech books I’ve read and the lessons I’ve watched. What makes them age well? And […]

ECMAScript 6 is now being supported by the latest web engines since its release in June 2015. The 7th edition is in progress but until it launches I’ve been learning more about ECMAScript 6, affectionately called ES6. Last week I decided to really dig into the details and share my insights. One of the cooler features in […]