CloudFit Software, the leader in Managed Digital Transformation and Cloud Services, announces that Joe Martin will assume the role of CEO, Sept 4. Joe is an established industry leader with two decades of hands-on Microsoft experience. He will lead the company through its growth phase as it adds enterprise customers, government agencies, and strategic partnerships […]

(Lynchburg, VA – July 31, 2018) – CloudFit Software, a Washington Corporation, with primary offices in Lynchburg, Virginia, is pleased to announce its merger with Composable Systems, a Kentucky Corporation, with primary offices in Louisville, Kentucky. CloudFit Software is redefining the way managed services are delivered in the Age of Cloud and Digital Transformation through […]

Public facing websites are attacked nearly every day. Mostly, these attacks are by infected computer systems whose owners are completely oblivious to the situation. The infected computer systems autonomously scan the internet for unpatched systems. When found, they quickly join the ranks of the infected. Besides being compromised, some of the creators of these malicious […]

Composable Systems has won numerous awards and received a number of honors in our 11 years as a company. Of all of these, the ones that matter the most to us are those based on the opinions of our employees. For the second consecutive year, Composable Systems received the honor of being one of the […]

I recently polled the office on what they considered to be “must read” reading material for people in the technology field. There were no restrictions. It could be humorous or completely educational. It could be an article or a physical book. It didn’t have to be published in 2018. It only had to be relevant […]