Even though web development and programming have been around for a long time now, mobile development is just hitting its stride in the last few years.  Most of us can remember how sparsely populated the app stores were in 2007.  Even then apps that were available were often clunky and underdeveloped.  Today, not even a […]

I’ve wanted to get into mobile development for a while now and I finally took the plunge for the Composable Mobile App Challenge. Every developer at Composable has been sorted and tasked with the creation of the best application. Only one team can claim victory so I did my research beforehand in hopes of bringing home […]

Creating a mobile application is similar to creating a desktop application. Attention must be given to elements such as user experience, graphical user interface (GUI), and key features necessary to make the application useful. An often overlooked component of application development that can ultimately determine long term success is choosing the right development tools and programming […]