With the world of products and services shifting ever faster toward the realm of cloud computing, perhaps you’re considering a move for your small business or enterprise into the cloud.  One of the most popular options for cloud computing is with Microsoft’s Office 365. In this article, I will breakdown the current landscape of what […]

What is external content sharing? External content sharing with SharePoint 2013 has never been easier! You can easily grant access to your content to external users in SharePoint 2013.  An external user is anyone outside your organization that does not have a license for your Office 365 subscription. An external user will be able to use the content as if […]

Two weeks ago, Microsoft announced a brand new Office 365 software development kit (SDK) at its 2014 TechEd Europe conference. With new Office 365 expansion and integration, the technical options for developers have increased substantially. Here are ways the new Office 365 SDK will help developers create new and better applications. Connecting Across Multiple Devices […]