Composable Systems is accepting applications for Junior Developers and Intermediate Developers to immediately join our non-dedicated client team. Developers on this team will work with a variety of Composable’s clients and integrate seamlessly with our team to produce high-quality code. When looking for people to fill these roles, we look for 4 key traits.


Someone who is willing—nay, eager—to learn new things is someone who will do well at Composable Systems. We’re always looking for innovative solutions and curious, forward-thinkers help us do just that.

Strong Communications

You have to not only communicate well with your team but also communicate well with clients. Emails, IM, conference calls, and stand-ups are all part of a regular day at Composable Systems, so your communication skills need to be top notch.


We need people on our team who will be able to see a project to completion. We solve complex problems and we need people who are willing to tackle the challenges associated with those complex problems.

Open Mind

You may have been around the block a few times, but a willingness to actively listen to and understand your fellow coworkers is key. All ideas are welcome and open to discussion.

Think you fit the bill?

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