Is the customer always right?

This question comes up frequently at times of missed expectations or deadlines. It is similar to assessing whether a patient is right about their perception of pain.

Service provider-customer relations are very similar to doctor-patient interactions.

People choose to partner with us because they need assistance with diagnosing IT problems and finding the right solution, similar to the way a patient needs a doctor to recognize and prescribe a treatment for a health problem.

As professional IT consultants, we trust our customers and have the patience to hear them out. Any complaint is an indication of some unresolved business problem. It can be true problem, but it can also be perceived. In either case, it is imperative to make an extra effort to listen and educate before making suggestions.

Or, as we say, diagnose before prescribing; ask before diagnosing.

Communication is the most important component of all customer interactions. It helps your IT consultant learn about any minor “aches” well before they develop into major “pains” and sometimes even “chronic diseases.” Developing a “health plan” ahead of time ensures a successful partnership and exceeded expectations, allowing for all parties involved to reach their goals.

To find out what the pains are, your IT consultant will ask open ended questions. No assumptions are allowed. We might arrive at a different conclusion than the customer about the cause and recommend a different solution than expected.

Companies make decisions to invest only when it makes financial sense (it will save or make money.) Every investment needs to be justified.

For example, is it worth it going through back surgery if physical therapy will manage the pain?

It is all about pain management, pain prevention, and the best way to achieve long-term goals.

Composable Systems, a well-kept secret in the local Louisville community, is a team that has achieved tremendous success in the software industry nation-wide with global IT climate impact. Our goal is not to simply to create custom software. We believe our customers are always right, therefore we are focused on first understanding their “pain” and then finding a way to solve their business problems.

With this approach we’re helping our customers grow, gain efficiencies, and maximize their investments.

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