Austin Hall is the latest addition in a whirlwind of hiring. Though his corgi, Duke, won’t be coming to the office with him, Austin is a dog lover and excited to join the Composable team.

What did you want to be when you were five years old? I think I wanted to be an astronaut. I’m pretty sure I was into space when I was a kid.

When did you decide you wanted to be a developer instead of an astronaut? When I was in high school I just started teaching myself how to program and decided that’s what I’d enjoy doing for a living.

What’s your favorite beverage after or during a long day? I gotta try to get sponsored for this one. [Laughs.] During a long day I drink coffee or energy drinks. After work I like a beer. I’m partial to Founders.

What’s your favorite food? In general, I like spicy food. Hot wings, Indian food, Mexican food.

You’ll fit right in here, then. It seems everyone here likes spicy food. What is something you wish you could do? I would like to be able to race a car in some sort of. Drift racing would be really fun.

What made you apply to Composable? I had seen Composable’s table at Code PaLOUsa and I went to school with Andrei. It looked like a really good place to work. The things on the website about work life balance really resonated with me.


What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago? Ten years ago I would have said pay more attention in high school, because it gets a lot harder when you actually have to start trying in college. [Laughs.]

Do you have any superstitions you believe in? Not really. I own a black cat. I would walk under ladders if I wouldn’t bump my head.

What three people, living or dead, would be on the guest list to your ideal dinner party? I had a friend who works at Zappos and they asked him a similar question. Oh, gosh. I’ve never thought about this before.

What if we narrow it down to two people and pick one living and one dead? So, living: there’s a guy named Rodney Mullen, he’s a professional skateboarder. I skated when I was younger and I idolized him. He went to school for robotics before going into skateboarding so we’d probably have a lot in common. Dead people, not so much for me, but for my wife: Michael Jackson or Steve Irwin. I think she has more heroes than I do. So my wife would be the third person at the table.

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